Lot # 2 - Best of the West: Mountain Scout
Lot # 2 - Best of the West: Mountain Scout

Lot # 2 - Best of the West: Mountain Scout

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Best of the West


The Manufacturer

  • Model –Mountain Scout
  • Weight – 7.3 Lbs. Including Optics
  • Barrel – 22-inch Proof Research carbon fiber barrel
  • Action – ANTI lightweight
  • Stock – Ultra-light carbon fiber Mountain Hunter
  • Optics – Huskemaw 5-20x50 Blue Diamond Optic with 2-Double-Stack Turrets
  • Bipod – Atlas Bipod
  • Case – A Custom SKB Rifle Case
  • Ammunition – 40 Rounds
  • Payment – Payment to Hunter Nation - TAX-DEDUCTIBLE

Rifle Details –

The Best of the West has added the “Mountain Scout” to their line of rifles. The Mountain Scout was built and designed while keeping the lightweight, backcountry hunter in mind. The Mountain Scout rifle features the; ultra-light carbon fiber Mountain Hunter stock; 22-inch Proof Research carbon fiber barrel; an ANTI lightweight action; Huskemaw 5-20x50 Blue Diamond Optic; Atlas Bipod; 40 Rounds of ammunition; 2-Double-Stack Turrets and a custom SKB Rifle Case. This rifle package tips the scale at 7.3pounds (optic included). This package is chambered in 6.5-PRC The Mountain Scout is the ideal rifle for the backpacker who is wanting to shed weight while maintaining confidence Retail value of over $9,050

Auction Details –

The auction is "popcorn" format closing. If a bid comes in within the last 2 minutes the auction is extended and an additional 2 minutes. This will happen up to 10 times.

Proxy Bidding: If a manual bid is placed at the same dollar amount as a proxy bid then the proxy bid is the winning bid since it was placed first.

Winner to provide FFL for transfer. The winner is responsible for any transfer fee.

Payments: Payments for this auction will be made to Hunter Nation and are tax-deductible

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